TimeLeft 3.6

Developer NesterSoft Inc.

TimeLeft is designed to provide solutions to most time-related issues.

Cool Timer

Cool Timer 5.2

Developer Harmony Hollow Software

Cool Timer is a useful, multifunctional timer utility for Windows.

XNote Stopwatch

XNote Stopwatch 1.6

Developer dnSoft Research Group

XNote Stopwatch is a digital clock that also acts as a timer, stopwatch, etc.

PC Chrono

PC Chrono 1.8

Developer highspheres.com

PC Chrono is a great all-in-one clock, timer and stopwatch for your desktop.


Online Functional Timer Stopwatch

Egg Timer Plus

Egg Timer Plus 3.1

Developer Sardine Software

Egg Timer Plus is a nice timer and stopwatch for your desktop.


1Time 2.2

Developer Atma Software

Stopwatch/countdown timer/alarm. Plays any media file as an alarm, or user can opt for a silent alar...

Virtual Stopwatch Pro

Virtual Stopwatch Pro 3.0

Developer Spring Creek Software Company

Multi-function graphic stopwatch/timer/clock/time logging program.


SnapTimePro 2.1

Developer M.A.C Software

A unique multi-functional Digital Stopwatch application featuring variable timing resolution (can be...


DClock 2.0

Developer App's Apps

DClock is a nice suite that offers a clock, timer and stopwatch.

Shutdown Timer Express

Shutdown Timer Express 1.0

Developer Melvin Software

Shutdown Timer Express is a nice timer that allows you to schedule many actions.


TimeTraveler 1.3

Developer Ultrapico

It is a highly versatile clock, timer and stopwatch for the Windows desktop.


eTimer 3.0

Developer Barefoot Productions, Inc.

eTimer is a stopwatch and countdown timer for Windows!

Time Sled

Time Sled 2.2

Developer FineApp

This product is a time tracking utility.

Red Crab Cube Timer

Red Crab Cube Timer 1.3

Developer Red Crab Software

A great multi-functional timer for the serious Rubik's Cube player.


Online Functional Timer Stopwatch

TimeMe Timer Stopwatch CL

TimeMe Timer Stopwatch CL 1.5

Developer TimeMe

Timer Stopwatch CL is a countdown application allowing you to set timers.


Alarmbelle 5.0

Developer Clarkscript

PC alarm clock with stopwatch, timer and metric conversion.

TimeMe Timer Stopwatch ML

TimeMe Timer Stopwatch ML 1.9

Developer TimeMe

Timer Stopwatch ML is our advanced event timer that turns your computer.

Administrador Timer Café (C:Arquivos de programasAdministrador Timer Café 3.8.8)

Administrador Timer Café (C:Arquivos de programasAdministrador Timer Café 3.8.8) 3.8

Developer Sriharish Software

CubeVision Timer

CubeVision Timer 3.0

Developer CubeVision - Arne Croughs

CubeVision Timer - a stopwatch application on your screen.

Z Timer

Z Timer 1.1

Developer Zebra Software

Z Timer software is a timer program with lots of settings and user interface.

E-Tech Timer

E-Tech Timer 5.0

Developer E-Tech Software

E-Tech Timer is an open source stopwatch and countdown timer.

Cool Timer Deluxe

Cool Timer Deluxe 1.3

Developer Harmony Hollow Software

A handy countdown timer, powerful alarm clock and super-accurate stopwatch.

Cute-Timer Pro

Cute-Timer Pro 2.2

Developer iWiiBoard

Cute-Timer is an alarm clock,countdown timer,stopwatch and reminder utility.

QuickBooks Pro Timer QuickBooks Pro Timer

QuickBooks Pro Timer QuickBooks Pro Timer 17.0

Developer Intuit Inc.

TimeMe Timer Stopwatch DL

TimeMe Timer Stopwatch DL 1.5

Developer TimeMe