TimeLeft 3.6

Developer NesterSoft Inc.

TimeLeft is a countdown, web countdown and timer synchronization utility.

Cool Timer

Cool Timer 5.2

Developer Harmony Hollow Software

Cool Timer is a useful, multifunctional timer utility for Windows.

Compact Timer

Compact Timer 2.4

Developer Fredrik Olsson

countdown timer/countup timer/stop watch/reminder & alarm clock.

Desktop Clock

Desktop Clock 5.0

Developer GreetSoft

Desktop Clock is a multilingual clock/calendar/timer/reminder for our desktop.


Online Clock With Timer

Easy Timer

Easy Timer 8.0

Developer Kevin Schneider

Easy Timer is an easy-to-use alarm clock with a minimalistic interface.


VersaTimer 1.0

Developer Lux Aeterna

A versatile tool that allows you to set up a handy clock on your desktop.

Countdown Clock

Countdown Clock 3.3

Developer Contact Plus Corporation

Countdown Clock 3.3 is a program that allows the user to set a countdown timer.




E-timer is an online timer to check how much you've been online lately, it checks internet connectio...


DClock 2.0

Developer App's Apps

DClock is a nice suite that offers a clock, timer and stopwatch.

Karen's Time Cop

Karen's Time Cop 1.2

Developer Karen Kenworthy

Karen’s Timer Cop is a timer with a range of useful features.


SharpTimer 1.1

Developer Johannes Wallroth

SharpTimer is a sophisticated, elegantly and easy-to-use timer program.

Alarm Timer

Alarm Timer 1.0

Developer WoodenSoldier

Alarm Timer is an alarm clock on PC.


PCTimer 8.1

Developer Buffalo

The PC Timer is an easy to use countdown timer and alarm clock.

Jumbo Timer

Jumbo Timer 2.4

Developer Johannes Wallroth

Jumbo Timer is an accurate Stop Watch / Count Down / Alarm Clock program.


Online Clock With Timer

CE Clock

CE Clock 2.0

Developer Casual Engine

CE Clock™ is a high quality clock with a timer and two alarms.

Clock Part Timer and Personal Service Recorder

Clock Part Timer and Personal Service Recorder 1.0

Developer Welsh Media


VistaClock 1.2

Developer Respect Soft

VistaClock is a simple and free desktop clock gadget.

Administrador Timer Café (C:Arquivos de programasAdministrador Timer Café 3.8.8)

Administrador Timer Café (C:Arquivos de programasAdministrador Timer Café 3.8.8) 3.8

Developer Sriharish Software


VITimer 2.0

Developer Valeri Vlassov

Clock Timer with a list of Tasks and possibility to start your files.

Vector Clock Pro

Vector Clock Pro 2.2

Developer MicroInvention Ltd.

Vector Clock Pro is a high-fidelity and beautifull clock for desktop.

Cool Timer Deluxe

Cool Timer Deluxe 1.1

Developer Harmony Hollow Software

It is a countdown timer, powerful alarm clock and super-accurate stopwatch.

Alam Clock And Timer With MP3 Player

Alam Clock And Timer With MP3 Player

Developer Alam Clock And Timer With MP3 Player

Cute-Timer Pro

Cute-Timer Pro 2.2

Developer iWiiBoard

Cute-Timer is an alarm clock,countdown timer,stopwatch and reminder utility.

QuickBooks Pro Timer QuickBooks Pro Timer

QuickBooks Pro Timer QuickBooks Pro Timer 17.0

Developer Intuit Inc.

shutdown with timer

shutdown with timer 1.0

Developer shutdown with timer

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